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Every time that you or a client does something on your account, it is logged in the audit log. Activities logged are as below;

  • A file is uploaded
  • A file is retrieved (IP address is recorded)
  • A file is made permanent (IP address is recorded)
  • A file is removed from permanent (IP address is recorded)
  • A user logs onto the mobile or desktop applications
  • A file is deleted (IP address recorded)
  • Upload history is cleared
  • A notification is resent
  • When most settings are changed
  • When passwords are changed
  • When email address is changed

To view the audit log please follow the instructions below;

1. Firstly, log in to your Pro or business account and click on the settings cog in the top right. Once the settings menu opens, click Audit Log, under the View area

MailBigFile Audit Log


2. Once you are in the Audit Log, you get the option to change the timezone if you wish too. You can see the details such as date and time of the action here.Audit-log-2