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Good Quality Art in the Streets Would Be Better Than Tailored Adverts

If Ads Were Replaced With Classical Artworks, the World Would Be a Beautiful Place
appeared on The Huffington Post (17 February 2014)

The situation is described: ‘Aside from littered streets, impenetrable crowds and overpriced everything, one of the major pitfalls of living in a major urban metropolis is the endless barrage of advertisements. Whether driving down Sunset Boulevard or pushing your way through Times Square, your eyes will undoubtedly be bombarded by flashing letters, scantily clad women and fast food that invariably looks far worse in real life.’

French artist Etienne Lavie imagined what it would be like in a Paris free of overbearing commercial ads. He shot the street scenes and the paintings separately and then merged them to make these lovely what if….? images.

This may seem like a good idea, gently using art to improve the urban visual landscape. But to see something that is just bizarre check out the idea to wrap the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building (2716 feet and 160 storeys) in a giant fabric sock made of reflective material – in the name of art!

One of the more pleasing ideas that caught my eye as it swirled round the web, was replacing public adverts, hoardings/billboards and so on, with copies of some really wonderful classical art works.


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Four Technology News Stories That Will Either Delight or Dismay

Is there any point of teaching a dog to use a digital device?

Is there any point of teaching a dog to use a digital device?

Four Technology News Stories That Will Either Delight or Dismay …

The natural human response to any new development is either embracing or rejecting. People can go off something later or vice versa, but the fact is that our world is constantly driven by new developments, things and ideas.

So, readers will have different responses to these 4 random stories from tech news.
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It feels like MBF has become something of an industry standard. Our Pro account allows us to send photographic & design content to customers in China, the U.S. and around the U.K. with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. We are consistently complimented by clients on the ease and speed that they are able to access commissioned work. MBF Rocks and is an integral component of our business.

- Tom Smith – MotionGrafix

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Happy 15th Birthday, Dear Amazon, Happy Birthday to You


As the days to Christmas inevitably and relentlessly count down, be prepared to get stressed and to see more and more mentions of Amazon, the online giant that is now a household name.

Now they have topped a poll into Britain’s favourite brands, they are truly the rainmakers in retailing.

The OC&C consultancy reported Amazon had beaten regular favourites like John Lewis and M&S for ‘excellent customer service, wide choice and great value.’ Tescos dropped into the bottom five.
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