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We have had a lot of feedback about the really useful address book feature on the Pro and Business accounts. The main requests we received were being able to add a name to the email addresses, so it provides easier organisation and using an autofill feature. So we have implemented both for you.


Add a name to the address bookIf you go in to your address book you will see that there is now a name field next to the email address. If you want to add a new email address just enter the address and the name and click add. If you would like to update an email address, then just re-type the email address and add a name, then click the add/update button. This will just add the name.


AutoFill on the address book

As you can see from the screenshot above, when you start typing, any email addresses you have in your Address Book, will start to filter. This is handy if you know the email address you are wanting to send the files to.

Currently this feature is only available on the Pro account, however we will be applying it to the Business service soon too.

*Please note that this feature is in beta currently. If you find any issues with this feature, please email with the issue.