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Being one of many in what some may claim to be an oversaturated market, it’s sometimes good to know how we compare. This helps to ensure that the service that we offer is both up-to-date with the latest features as well as being competitive.

So, how does MailBigFile compare? We’ve looked at many of our of competitors and produced a fairly exhaustive list, but for brevity we’ll simply look at the way we compare to Hightail’s (formerly known as YouSendIt) free service.

Maximum File Size:

Currently you can send files 20 times bigger than those on Hightail’s (formerly known as YouSendIt) free service with MailBigFile.

Send Limit:

Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt), like MailBigFile, has no set send limit for files you send. However, Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt), unlike MailBigFile, has a maximum bandwidth limit of 1GB, meaning you can only send so many files before you’re forced to upgrade.

What’s more, with MailBigFile’s free service you can send up to five times more files at a time compared with Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt). This is one of the differences that keeps MailBigFile’s free service top of the bunch.

Registration Required?

With MailBigFile, there is no registration required and you can send files through a quick three step process. Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt) instead requires registration before any files can be sent.

File Availability:

On Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt), files you upload last for approximately one week. With MailBigFile, the files you upload last up to ten days, giving you a little more leeway with the files you upload.


Through a minimalistic, clean and intuitive design, MailBigFile’s free service is as easy it comes to send your large files to your clients and colleagues. The process is somewhat more complicated with Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt) as you have to sign up before you can send a file.

Is it pink?

Currently Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt) is not #pinkandproud.

What doesn’t MailBigFile have?

Currently Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt) allows its users to store files they send on the free service permanently in folders, a feature not yet available on MailBigFile. With Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt), you can also send files to more recipients than with MailBigFile.

However, these additional features over MailBigFile come at a cost as the restrictions in place on the size and amount of files you can send on Hightail (formerly known as YouSendIt) are much stricter. If you like additional gadgets like storage and folders, then Hightail* is a good bet. However, if you’re more concerned on the core aspect of sending files, then MailBigFile has your needs covered.

* Did we say it was formerly known as YouSendIt