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It feels like MBF has become something of an industry standard. Our Pro account allows us to send photographic & design content to customers in China, the U.S. and around the U.K. with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. We are consistently complimented by clients on the ease and speed that they are able to access commissioned work. MBF Rocks and is an integral component of our business.

– Tom Smith – MotionGrafix

MailBigFile is seen as an essential tool for our business allowing clients and ourselves to move design files & proofs around with ease. We love it’s simplicity & amazing value both of which makes our business work better.

– Talk Design & Print

Thank you thank you thank you! We are a small firm, and I heavily rely on graphics and colleagues abroad for posters, ads and so on, so we really treasure your services!

– Roberta Barbieri

For the past fourteen years, a group of 40-45 volunteers at Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver has been archiving the history of our local public television station by digitizing all historical items we can find including photographs, memorabilia items, documentation, oral history interviews, local productions and more.
Using MAILBIGFILE has been an extremely safe and efficient way for us to share photographs, scans, large files, PDFs and LOTS more. We have archived over 47,000 photographs, and nearly 14,000 documents. Our volunteers have volunteered their time to archive each production, memorabilia item, document and oral history interview. To transport the electronic files of this 14-year ongoing project to the PBS station, between volunteers, to our staff, or to potential interview guests, we have utilized MAILBIGFILE on a daily basis throughout our 14-year efforts and found it to be extremely efficient and easy to use. Our volunteers range from computer savvy to total computer novices, but we have easily trained all of them on how to receive and send MAILBIGFILE information back and forth. It’s been wonderful!
The project is known as STATION’S ARCHIVED MEMORIES (nic name, SAM) at Rocky Mountain PBS. As a totally volunteer-driven project with our volunteers living all over the state of Colorado, we would not have been able to do our research, continue our work or make the accomplishments and win a national award for our preservation project were it not for MAILBIGFILE. I could go on and on about the various ways we have used MAILBIGFILE for this project.
We resoundingly applaud MAILBIGFILE and recommend it highly!!

– Laura Sampson

I found mailbigfile by accident a few years ago and actually called for some advice. Imagine my surprise and pleasure that a knowledgeable and friendly English speaking human being answered the telephone within a couple of rings! They showed lots of enthusiasm for their own product and provided helpful no-pressure hints on how to get started and how this would benefit our growing TV/commercials production business, and so, after the initial free service, we happily subscribed to a business service and now have a ‘splash’ screen with our logo and tel number. It was one of the best decisions we have made.
Why? Well, mailbigfile has NEVER let us down, is quick to learn and to use, has a clean and easy to understand interface and uses straightforward non-geek language in the instruction and direction fields. A HUGE plus when things are fraught and clients are waiting. We send commercials and big video and image files all over the place on a daily basis by mailbigfile, but we receive material from all over the world sent using competitor systems. Our pet hate are those big name services (I won’t mention their country of origin) which insist on you downloading some software or other on to your local machine before they will ‘allow ‘ you to receive material. This is a thinly disguised marketing and spy tool as far as I am concerned, and I am forever sending the simple ‘mailbigfile send us’ link to people in preference to their sending us material using such intrusive and annoying systems. We can manage our own download boxes if you don’t mind…
The mailbigfile designers and techies deserve high praise for developing such a straightforward and simple system which does exactly what it says on the tin.
Heroes all..

– David Freeman

I do digital and screen printing for often need big files of artwork sent to me.
I got fed up with people using all sorts of different methods and decided i wanted to use one provider who didnt require my customers to register or anything ..just select file and click.
I didnt want to pay too much and quite liked the idea of it being branded.
I tried wetransfer and yousendit and spent a long time getting nowhere, in the end I thought they have to be based in the UK.
Searched with that criteria and found you guys.
Been very pleased with the service, thank you.

-Mark,Atom Printing

I am based in Antigua in the Caribbean and each year I edit the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta Programme, 72 pages + cover. My work includes selecting photographs of the various yachts from the thousands submitted, and then forwarding them, and the various ads (I am also Advertising Manager) to the Graphic Designer, who is in Ireland. As the internet here is very unreliable, and the files I deal with are all well over 300 dpi, for printing purposes, I was delighted to discover MailbigFile, which I have been using for 2 years now, to get all the images to the Graphic Designer. It is fast, secure and lets me know what has been sent and when a file has been downloaded by the recipient. It is very user-friendly with no unnecessary frills or complications. Some of my photographers also use this method to send me images.
I am also an artist, and photograph everything I paint. I also use MailBigFile to send these images.
So this is why I love MailBigFile!
Whilst upgrading your website recently, I encountered some problems in getting it to work again for me.Your Customer Service was both rapid and efficient.

– Gilly Gobinet

I luv mailbigfile! It has been a lifesaver many times over. Quick, efficient and gives me the ability to send whatever files, where ever in no time flat. Highly recommended….never any problems and have been using your service for the past 5 or so years and will renewing this Spring!
Thank you for being you!

– Jeanne

MailBigFile does not help me meet printer deadlines or share info with colleagues & clients. I use MailBigFile for a much nicer reason. As a retired Granny, I can send photos and films of my grandchildren to the rest of the family. I can write up holiday albums and send these to other people who were on the trips with me.
I’m very glad that I discovered Mailbigfile as it’s easy to use and also easy to retrieve files from it. Thanks.


MailBigFile is an essential part of my workflow, allowing me to produce video from any where in the world and deliver it to the client simply and quickly for a very small cost.

– Kevin Mann

I write for a newspaper, and I’m very fortunate to be able to do most of my work from home. Since we’re a small local paper, we writers also have to take our own photographs. That wasn’t a problem because I could email the pictures, until I bought my new Nikon camera and discovered each file is 10-13 megabytes. Far too big to email! Enter I send my editor the photos I need to get to her, she downloads them and all is well. I also use mailbigfile to send pictures to friends and family. Thanks mailbigfile!

– Kimberly Brown

I needed a quick and secure way to send confidential data to a supplier on a weekly basis.
I searched the web and found Mail Big File, it was so easy to sign up and I was quickly underway.
It has been the simplest job of the week for me, I know I can rely on Mail Big File to do what they say they do on the tin, with no problems and no fuss.
Thank you Mail Big File – I would love a large pink t-shirt please

– Val Eustice

Well it all started on the night of 11th of November…
Dusk was approaching rapidly, grey clouds scudded across a leaden sky, the moon rose stealthily above the enshadowed rooftops… Suddenly an ear-splitting curse rent the air; “****** it!!! Too ***** big again!!!” With lightning reactions I spun around on my revolving chair, I found myself facing…my brother.
I did the only thing possible, “what is the problem?” I whispered, eyes wide.
“If you can find me a website better than yousendit,” he grated slowly through clenched teeth “I might resist the temptation to mash your face to a pulp.”
I gulped, “ok.” came out as a strangled gasp.
I then proceeded to email every person on earth of whom I had the email address asking for the required website link. Within five minutes suggestions were pouring in, but to my despair none of them met the so described description. By half past three my head was spinning, my brother’s fists were twitching and the bags beneath my eyes were enough to confuse the dustbin men.
Then, at quarter to four, as the cockerel gave its first crow, I saw it… MAILBIGFILE in big block letters dominating the screen. I knew instantly that this was the moment we’d been waiting for, I cheered, my brother swore and the radio burst into song!
And from that day until this, I have been using the website that saved my face (and possibly my life) with the faith that one day I would be rewarded with that sweet-smelling, bright pink, size small… mailbigfile t-shirt.

– Steph Miller

MailBigFile has been a lifesaver for me, I have used it to send a quick update of a calendar layout to a printer who already had the job ready to go on the printing press and discovered an issue just before it ran. Thanks to MailBigFile, the printer received the updated file and saved time (and money) from having to do a reprint had the first one been printed.

– Trevorne Lewis

Watching the tennis (Australian Open)
I am in awe of the racquet-wielding folk in the pursuit of excellence.
Then I realise I too am in the pursuit of excellence,
as a father (of two) and grand father (of five grand daughters).
Mailbigfile assists me in this pursuit as I prepare volumes of the Collected Works of June Wright.
(I use Mailbigfile to exchange files with professionals assisting in this endeavour)
June Wright, my mother, a writer, is a role model for our family.
She wrote in many genres – crime fiction, family history, memoir, opinion pieces and spiritual writings.
She had the courage to recognise, develop and express her talent
and to pursue excellence.
Mailbigfile is also in the pursuit of excellence.

-Patrick Wright

I use mail big file nearly every day… As a graphic designer and a company email limit of 10Mb it is the best way to send and receive artwork.
I have introduced it to many clients and suppliers which makes it super easy to share files!
Please don’t change it’s perfect!

– Clair Champion

Mail big file is amazing service, I use it to send big files to printshop / most important that it allows 2GB which and the uploading time is very quick comparing to other providers. I can say mail big file is the best and most generous free transfer data service.

All my respect

– Hoda yaman

Mailbigfile is a lifesaver! Gone are the days of running round with a memory stick or desperately burning cds to get in the last post and shouting at the computer because I cant email a huge file! Im a designer and getting documents to the printers is quite important, I have named my new business 4am design because thats when I usually finish something…as you can tell im very last minute, hence my love of mailbigfile

– Nikki Dunbar