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selotape-selfie-1_2857969kThe selfie has gone from being a made-up word to describe a few friends crowded into a photo taken on a smartphone at arms’ length to a big, big game.selotape-selfie-2_2857952kselotape-selfie-3_2857954kselotape-selfie-4_2857953kselotape-selfie-5_2857957kselotape-selfie-6_2857960kselotape-selfie-7_2857963kselotape-selfie-8_2857961kselotape-selfie-9_2857958kselotape-selfie-10_2857964kselotape-selfie-11_2857966kselotape-selfie-14_2857967k

It is recognised as the new word of the year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries.

OK for politicos to do it, but …. now, for the sake of all our sanities, let’s stop! That’s enough selfies, thanks.


A Few to Remind You

Buzzfeed has a list of the 14 types of selfie from mirror, caught sleeping, post work-out, sad selfies, bathroom selfies,drinking selfie, cat/dog/goldfish selfies and the ever-present celebrity selfies.

The sequence ends with a cartoon that says it all – ‘thank you for posting a selfie every single day. I really think I’d forget what you look like with out it!’

Buzzfeed again has the 7 types of crying selfie most of which they dismiss as poor fakes.

Complex identify 15 selfie types saying they have taken over the internet, Facebook and Instagram

Fab After 40 recognises both how many kinds of selfie there are and just how annoying so many people actually find them.

Digital Trends identify other of the latest of the ‘self-gratifying sub genres.’

There is the book-shelfie, the bathroom selfie, the duckface selfie, the fitting room selfie, the winking selfie, the see-food selfie ….

We know there is the farm animal selfie (felfie) though the animals don’t actually take the photos!

Anyway, the point in this blog and these sellotape selfies, isENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

They’re Becoming Destructive

Huffington Post reported a breakage of a classical statue ruined by its leg broken off.

A student who may or may not have been drunk went into Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts and tried to take a selfie with him on top of the 19th Century copy of an original that goes back to the 2nd century. Enough, enough.