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Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsJust a small blog post detailing out some updates we’ve made to the Desktop Application with regards to some of the feedback we’ve received. They are as follows:

Fixed the timeout issue for some when uploading files:

It was or has been reported to us that some of you were experiencing timeout issues when attempting to upload some files on our services, especially larger files. We believe we have now got to the bottom of the issue and the timeout issue should no longer occur. If however you still experience timeouts when uploading files on the Desktop Application, please drop us a line at

Fixed an issue which occurred while cancelling an upload:

There was another issue we noticed when testing the program again before release with uploads not cancelling properly when you hit cancel during an upload. Instead, you’d simply get an error message. We also believe this should now be fixed for anyone who was having that issue.

There were also a couple of typos in the program which have also been rectified.

Upcoming Features:

Upload History Button: This will allow you to view your Upload History from within the Desktop Application. We’ll also add proper functionality to this list in a future update.

Clear All Button: To simply allow you to clear the list of files that has been populated during your session.

We also want to make this application available for Business Users but we can’t at this moment in time say when this will be available.

You can also download the new version of this application here. However you should be prompted to update if you simply open the version currently available on your desktop if you have previously downloaded it.