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Send a File Straight from your Email ClientIt was not long ago that we have added a nifty little feature named EmailBigFile. This gem allows you to send large files through your email client as you do and instead of uploading to your email server, you upload it to your Pro Account.

What are the benefits?

  • You get the chance to track down the progress of the file and see if it has been downloaded or not.
  • It also becomes a regular file like as if you had uploaded to the service to send it out to other people.
  • Finally, you can add the emailed file to your permanent storage and keep it on record. The choice is yours! (Thanks Graham…)

How can I get started?

Jump into your Pro Account, look in Account Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the information to help you get started.

We think that you will like this service. It will help us to see any issues and improve what’s needed.

If you are a Thunderbird user, our boffins are working to integrate it with this email client to send large files to the maximum (2GB of goodness).

Do give us a try!

  • Gareth D

    HI, I’ve taken a look at our account settings, but I can’t see these settings for EmailBigFile…?

    • mbfkarl

      Hi Gareth.

      EmailBigFile is currently only available to those that have a Pro Account. If you have a Business Account you won’t yet be able to see this feature (we’ll add it to Business should the beta be successful and so on and so forth).

      If you do have a Pro Account then it should be at the bottom of your Account Settings. It will be the last feature displayed on the page.