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With the success of our MailBigFile service, we’ve had a few occasional requests for the need of a storage facility to supplement our main product. We’ve hinted at it a few times here and there with the addition of permanent files for Pro Users. We even recently increased the amount of files you can store for an indefinite period with our Pro Accounts (up to 25).

Well, in light of this we have now introduced StoreBigFile. The sister project of MailBigFile, designed to allow you to upload and store files permanently, letting you access them how and when you choose. What’s more, StoreBigFile acts as a document management system; so not only can you host files on this service, you can also organise them effectively making accessing the files a breeze. This is the core of our beliefs here at MailBigFile, simplicity of use.

With StoreBigFile, you don’t even have to pay to use this service. Just like with MailBigFile you can use the service for free*. With StoreBigFile’s free service, you can upload up to 1GB of files, accessible by up to 5 users on the account.

You’re also not stifled by any particular upgrade path. Once registered, simply enter the amount of space/users you need if you require more and we’ll quote you from there. This way, you’re not hampered with specific rates that might either be too much or too little for your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? The easy-to-use document management and store filing facility is just around the corner at

* StoreBigFile is free for 365 days. Once this trial period has ended, a paid subscription plan will be required.