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Holidays are coming, as the famous advertisement goes, and we’ve made a number of great improvements to the service that we want to tell you about.

1. HTML5 Uploader
2. 4GB Uploads
3. Desktop Application For Business Accounts
4. File Store
5. Quicker Upload Speeds

HTML5 Uploader:

HTML5HTML5, the new standard in HTML, provides a rich media base providing web developers with the ability to integrate media applications directly into the web page like never before; what’s more as it’s HTML based it means it’s rendered by the browser itself. No more reliance on third party applications like flash!

Seeing as this is becoming the de facto standard for media applications on a host of websites for the reasons outlined above, we thought we’d follow suit. As such we have now introduced a brand new uploader program to replace the old flash dependent multiple file uploader using the new HTML5 standard. This brand new uploader program is available on both the Pro and Business Accounts.

The brand new HTML5 Uploader also allows users to drag and drop files straight from their Explorer or Finder window onto the page for seamless convenient uploading!

If you have a Pro or Business Account you can take advantage of the new HTML5 Uploader by either going into your Account Settings or User Settings and selecting the uploader from there.

4GB Uploads:

Following on from the HTML5 Uploader users are now able to upload files up to 4GB in size. This particular feature was not available to us from the old flash dependent uploader but is now available to us with the new HTML5 Uploader program. So if you still have the old flash uploader active on your account you’ll still only be able to upload files up to 2GB!

You can change your uploader type from flash to HTML5 by going into your Account Settings if you are a Pro user or User Settings if you’re a Business user.

Desktop Application Now Available for Business Accounts:

Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsThe desktop application, a long time in beta, is now available to those using a Business Account. The desktop application had only been available to those with a Pro Account whilst we worked on it, improved it and added new features. However due to the demand and popularity of the desktop application and with it now working across platforms, we’ve made it available to Business users too.

Currently, the desktop application will only work in conjunction with your Send Solution – that is, it can only be used to send files from your account. We are of course investigation the possibly of making it work in tandem with both your Receive and Send Solution.

If you have a Business Account but don’t yet have the desktop application, you can download it by logging into your Send Solution and clicking the “Desktop App” link.

File Store Beta Release:

Permanent File StorageAs an added convenience for Business users we’ve added a new ‘File Store’ functionality to your account. The File Store functionality allows you to upload files directly to our servers without having to send the file you’re uploading to a recipient. The file then will remain in permanent storage so you can access it and send it on if and when you need to.

The maximum number of files you can upload will reflect which you already have available as permanent storage. So for Business Lite accounts you can upload up to 512MB worth of files (up to 200 different files) and for Business Full accounts you can upload and store up to 2GB worth of data! These can remain in our storage for you to send out to clients, friends or family when needed.

Quicker Upload Speeds:

If you thought the upload speeds were fast before, well they’ve just got even better! We’ve made some changes with the Pro service to help ensure that wherever you are you’re getting the maximum upload speed available to you from your provider. If you’re curious to see what your actual upload speed is you can find out by using the new HTML5 Uploader. While the upload is progressing if you expand the bottom box on the page, there should be a field with your current upload speed visible. If this particular speed you can see doesn’t seem right for your line, please let us know!