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Not so long ago, we ran an offer for our illustrious Pro Account users offering them the Business Account package for a measly £75 per annum. The offer itself ran for just the single week and was available to absolutely anyone who already owned a Pro Account.

Seeing the success and popularity the offer had, we thought we’d bring it back for a second homecoming. So, once more for another week, if you have a Pro Account you can sign up for a Business Account for what is effectively 75% less than the standard price.

“But what are the benefits of the Business Account?” Well, where do we start? Probably easier if I just list all the benefits you get with a Business Account:

  1. Send and Receive Solution: You can both send and receive files from customers, both with the 2GB limit in place.
  2. Increased Download Limit: You get double the amount of downloads on any one file on the Business Account as you do on the Pro.
  3. Personalised Pages: Retain your corporate identity with the MailBigFile Business Account with your logo and colours on both your pages.
  4. Multiple Users: Allow multiple people to access your account with their own log in details.
  5. A plethora of bespoke options: Tons of bespoke options available for you to further customise your page to your needs. These entail but are not limited to:
    1. Language Customisation: Change the text on almost any part of the program.
    2. Custom Form Fields: Add custom forms on your Receive page to improve the work-flow efficiency of your Business Account.
    3. FTP Integration: Integrate your FTP solution onto your Receive Solution and instantly have everything backed up to your local FTP server.
    4. And more…

“Is it just for Businesses?” Of course not! The Business Accounts are for anyone who wants or requires a Receive Solution so they can receive large files from customers and who wants to have the pages branded with their logo and colours.

So there’s no time to lose. If you have a Pro Account and have been thinking of upgrading to the Business service, now is the perfect time.

Offer ends Thursday midnight UTC.