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A little while ago we introduced a new feature for our Business Account users, FTP integration. This allows our Business users to easily find files uploaded by clients by having them all neatly stored and filed away in their FTP server. No need to continually check your mail to find a particular file sent by a client, you can just access their folder in your FTP server.

Seamless FTP IntegrationAll the files are still stored on our cloud server. If you happen to lose access to your FTP server, you don’t lose access to your files.

Some companies have even been able to integrate and unite this great feature straight into their print workflow, removing a lot of hassle their end. Others have been able to integrate it straight into their order process. With FTP integration, these tasks which could be time consuming become a breeze.

Adding FTP integration to your current MailBigFile service is quick and easy. You can either mail me directly by mailing, or you can call me on +44 1502 588 885 for a quote on this great feature.