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Another great NEW way to get in contact with us lovely people here at MailBigFile is through our live chat.

We decided that email is so 1990’s and thought that having a direct conversation with our users would give you the answers you needed straight away.

To access this great service you will first need a Pro or Business Account, and then click “Live Chat Support” in the right sidebar. This will take you through to a page that shows whether we are online or not. If we are, all you need to do is click the pink button in the middle of the page and this will initiate a chat session with us. When doing so, please remember to include your Pro Account e-mail address!

If we’re not online, you can still leave us a message and we’ll reply to you when we can. Again, please remember to include your Pro Account e-mail.

We’re generally available for chat between 8:30am and 5:30pm. So, if you’re in need of some instant help, feel free to come and join us for a chat.