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Trustpilot Review SiteIn order to continue to improve our service to our customers, we have partnered with the independent review site Trustpilot to collect customer reviews.

Trustpilot is a review aggregate site that is specifically tailored for online shops or online services, like ours. It also allows Businesses to pull in only valid customer data so that potential customers viewing the reviews knows that the reviews are genuine and from paying customers.

We also plan to use Trustpilot to get a good idea of the kind of service customers are getting and whether we’re performing in the way that we’d expect. Ideally, we’d like everyone to give us 5 stars however this is obviously unlikely; instead, we’re hoping to gather many reviews so we can see where we currently stand with our users as a whole.

If you want to put your voice out there about us and give us a rating, you can do so by going to You should be able to see other users reviews about us on this page too.

You don’t have to create a Trustpilot account in order to review, but you do need to provide a valid MailBigFile email address in order to review. However, the review is a simple three step process for you to have your say. Nice and simple, just the way we like it here at MailBigFile.

So, let us know what you think!