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Since we started in 2005 our service has grown and grown. Based in the UK, MailBigFile is now being used in 118 countries worldwide and continues to expand and develop. With a host of new features in the pipeline and a growing team we look forward to working with you in the future and hope our service continues to fulfil your needs.

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  • Mike Richmond

    Is it possible to collect information from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s seem to have blocked usage from one of your competitors??

    • Hi Mike.

      I would imagine so. I’ve not heard any other issues regarding connections within Saudi Arabia. If there are any issues for anyone connecting to our site through theirs, it’s likely to be a country related issue. Certainly, we have nothing in place to prevent those in Saudi Arabia using our service.

  • Dustin Vanden Hull

    I’m looking for a provider that can send large files to China. I have a supplier there that we need to send file to on a regular basis. We are having trouble finding a provider that is accepted by the Chinese government. The other providers that we’ve tried to use are blocked. Are you able to send files to China?

    Dustin Vanden Hull

    • James

      Hi Dustin,

      Thanks for getting in contact with us.

      We have quite a few users from China already who have used the service for a few years so shouldn’t be a problem.

      If however it does not work we are happy to refund you the money.