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The week is coming to yet another end and it’s time to reveal our top 5 of the week.

1. Request – Beta Testers Required For the Upcoming MailBigFile Pro App.
2. New Feature – Feature Request.
3. Service Update – Reply-to field Added to Notification Emails.
4. Service Update – Miscellaneous Changes to Business Accounts.
5. Service Update – Other Miscellaneous Changes

Request – Beta Testers Required For the Upcoming MailBigFile Pro App:

Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsAs we’ve mentioned in previous posts and in previous newsletters, we’ve been working on creating a desktop app that you said previously you would like. We’ve already mentioned how this app will feature the ability to resume uploads; a function you also claimed you wanted but most were unsure how we could provide such a function.

I’m glad to announce however that both these facets are working, that is, both the desktop app itself and the ability to resume uploads should they fail at any point. As we are drawing ever nearer a final product, we want to be sure that it is working correctly and that all bugs (or as many as possible) are weeded out prior to this. As such, we would like to invite you, our loyal Pro Users, to become beta testers for the product.

To become a beta tester for this product all you need to do is mail into us a requesting that you would like to be a best tester. Once the product is ready for beta testing for the general public, we will notify you again.

New Feature – Feature Request:

Recently a customer mailed into me asking if we had a feature request page anywhere and if so where it was. We didn’t at the time have anything like that in place and instead asked the customer to simply mail in his request and we’d forward this on to those concerned.

However, this struck us as a good idea and a useful addition to the service and so, we have added this feature onto the service. Currently, the feature request page is only available on the Pro Accounts however we may look to add this onto the Business Accounts as well so they can give us their feedback.

Service Update – Reply-to field Added to Notification Emails:

Irrespective of the efforts we put in to try and ensure please do not reply directly to the emails sent from noreply@mailbigfile, we still find that very many do. No doubt done when they’re in a hurry and don’t stop to look at the actual address they’re sending to.

Well, we here at MailBigFile have taken the necessary step to help prevent this in future. Now when an email is sent to a recipient the reply-to field is automatically filled in as the sender of the file. So now when a recipient simply replies to an email sent from this service and doesn’t check the email, it will still go back to the original sender – as some of you perhaps would expect it to work.

Service Update – Miscellaneous Changes to Business Accounts:

We’ve also come across a few issues on the Business Account for a few instances on some pages which we have now amended.

It appeared that some of the text on some pages wasn’t displaying correctly when the background was a different colour to white; this has now been fixed.

We also previously had a call from a customer who wanted the ability to remove the “How to save this file to your computer” and the corresponding text. We’ve now added this as an option for Business Accounts. Currently though, you will need to mail in if you would like this removed and we’ll remove it for you our end.

Service Update – Other Miscellaneous Changes:

We’ve also made a few other misc changes to the site.

We’ve slightly changed the text for when you go to download a file. It now also states that you can also single left-click the download file button in order to download the file.

There was also another minor issue we discovered whereby if you renewed your Pro Account through PayPal, the password you entered did not over-ride the original password on the account making this a redundant field. This has now however been fixed.