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The weather has taken a turn for the worse as we reach the end of another working week. It’s also time for a news update from MailBigFile.

1) MailBigFile Redesign Competition.
2) Desktop Application Updates.
3) Permanent Storage Soon Available on Business Accounts.
4) Print Partnership Requested.

The MailBigFile Redesign Competition:

Redesign Banner“Redesign?” you ask. Yes, a redesign. We here at MailBigFile have decided it’s time for a change. The old template has fared us well and we will shall miss it, however times are changing and so is the design world. As such, we see it fit that the design of MailBigFile should be altered to match the new design thesis.

However, we also know that a vast majority of users for MailBigFile are themselves, creative professionals. We thought to ourselves who better to help us find an exquisite new design for MailBigFile then the very users themselves?

Of course, we’re not expecting you to do this for free, a reward will be given to the best design showcased to us. Even if your design doesn’t make it as far as actually going live on the site, the best design will still win a prize; which is only The New iPad 16GB(!).

What’s more, should your or any part of your design make it onto the website proper, we’ll even reference your name on the website. This is a great opportunity for any budding design professional to get their work out there, as well as win a fabulous prize.

If you’d like to read more on the Redesign Competition, you can view the T’c and C’s here. You can also mail me at if you have any questions.

Desktop Application Updates:

Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsIn light of some requests on the Desktop Application made by a fair few of you, we’ve added some updates to the program inline with your requests.

The updated version now has the recipients ordered in alphabetical order when you go to add a recipient to a file. You can also search for the name of a recipient should you happen to have a very long address book list.

Also added to the application is the short links created when the file is uploaded will be shown at the end of the process. This way you won’t have to wait for the email to come through or open your browser to view the link for the file.

Permanent Storage Soon Available on Business Accounts:

Gold KeyPermanent Storage was initially released for Pro Accounts on a trial/experimental basis. It’s been around now for quite some time and appears to be working sufficiently without errors. As such, we will now bring this functionality over to the Business side of the MailBigFile world.

Although it’s not currently available, this should (all things being good) be ready for use on Business Accounts as early as next week. We just need to finish the final testing stages of the service.

Print Partnership Requested:

We’re also looking to do some advertising work in related print/design magazines and websites. Again as mentioned earlier, a large proponent of users on MailBigFile are in this industry.

If you’d welcome a deal with MailBigFile for some kind of partnership or if you simply have advertising potential on your website, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us for this in the normal way by emailing