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It’s the end of another week in the world and once more time for another weekly news update from the boffins at MailBigFile.

1) The MailBigFile Big Charity Giveaway Day.
2) Google Translate Now Live Across The Site.

The MailBigFile Big Charity Giveaway Day:

East Anglian Children's Hospices.The big charity giveaway day is drawing ever closer and we have settled on the day when this event will take place, being the 27th April. On this day, all the proceeds we receive for new accounts, whether it’s a Business, Pro or Pro 24 Hour will go directly to the charity. We won’t take home a penny.

What’s more, you can even donate your own amount to the charity, if you wanted. Don’t want to purchase a MailBigFile account or spend £10 donating? No problem. You can donate any sum you want to the cause. Anything you donate will help the charity immensely, even if it’s only £1.

EACH, based in the UK, supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

They are a registered charity and this year need to raise around £4.8 million from public donations to deliver their services. This amounts to more than £13,000 a day, every day of the year.

Check out their vision for the future and launch pictures including footage.

Google Translate Now Live Across The Site:

Google Translation Has Landed on MailBigFileAs we reported in an earlier post, in an attempt to help bridge the language barrier for some of our international users we’ve been incorporating the Google Translate feature across the website.

As we’ve stated before, it’s not the perfect solution to the problem as Google Translate does have contextual difficulties however, it will serve our international users much better as opposed to simply being stuck with English.

Previously, this feature had only rolled out on a few pages. However, we have now rolled this out across the board and now each page should have access to this feature. The only place where this is not enabled by default is on the Business side as they already have translation options. However, it can be enabled for Business Accounts as well on their request.