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So the end of another week draws in. It’s been a few weeks since our last update.

1. Business – New Log In Feature.
2. Pro – Pro Mondays Are Coming Back!.
1. New – Get MailBigFile Blog on Google Currents.
2. Business – Set The From Name For Emails.

Business – New Log In Feature:

New Log In Screen For Business AccountsI think for a while we’ve felt the log in procedure for Business Accounts to be a little archaic. Certainly, a little drop down box that appears as you enter the page isn’t the most aesthetically appeasing way of performing the log in method.

So instead we’ve come up with a more intuitive design model for logging in. This hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, as normal we are rolling this out slowly just incase any issues with it are noticed; this prevents any given issue with the new method from impacting everyone.

And as with previous installments of new features not automatically rolled out to everyone, please let us know via email to if you want us to add this feature to your account.

Pro – Pro Mondays Are Coming Back!

A little while back – some of you may remember – we ran a incentive scheme to help encourage those who use the free service to adapt to Pro. Now our incentive method is back.

If you’re thinking about upgrading, then Monday may be the day to do it. By signing up on the the Monday you will automatically enter yourself in with a chance to win a prize. The prize itself will be announced on the Monday when the competition rolls out.

Also to clarify, the competition itself will start on Monday 23rd July.

New – Get MailBigFile Blog on Google Currents

MailBigFile Now on Google CurrentsGoogle have also released a new platform named Google Currents. Google Currents allows users to track and follow their favourite news feed and blog from around the world and MailBigFile blog is now one of the available blogs available on the platform.

So if you’re a reader of MailBigFile blog and a user of Google Currents you can now get all your favourite MailBigFile blog content on your phone or tablet. To do so, simply click on “Add More” whilst on your Google Currents app and search for MailBigFile.

Business – Set The From Name For Emails:

We’ve also added another feature in for Business Accounts to allow them to set the send name for their emails. For example, they can set their send name to be “MailBigFile” so that when a recipient receives an email, the sender will read as follows:

MailBigFile <>

For example. Of course you can also leave this blank and it will instead omit the named field entirely and just include the email address.

You can find and edit this option by going into your User Settings. Each user can set their own from name in this way.