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The MailBigFile news will be slightly different this week. We’ll have two usual bits of news for you from current developments, but this week we’ll also include some updates that we plan to bring you in the future.

Current Developments:
1. Desktop Application Updates Released and Available.
2. Business: Automatic IP Sign On Feature Now Available.

Future Updates:
1. Bringing Forth the Power of HTML5 with a new Uploader.
2. API Support with Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

Current Developments:

Desktop Application Updates Released and Available:

Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsLast week we mentioned a few tweaks that would be forthcoming to the Adobe Air Desktop Application for Pro Users. This week our Adobe Air programmer has been finalising these additions and going through all the potential bugs for final release.

The app now however is ready and can be downloaded simply by starting the program on your desktop. You will be prompted to downloaded the latest version. You can also go into your Pro Account and click the relevant links to download the latest version.

Business: Automatic IP Sign On Feature Now Available:

We’ve also added a new feature for Business Accounts where you can assign specific IP’s to be able to automatically log onto your Send Solution. So, should you ever require the ability to automatically log into your Send Solution without needing to worry about the password/username, then this option is for you. You may also want to take advantage of it simply for ease of use.

For those who are not logging into the Send Solution on the specific IP, they will still have to enter a username and password.

Future Updates:

Bringing Forth the Power of HTML5 with a new Uploader:

Utilizing The Power of the HTML5 UploaderHTML5, the powerful new HTML standard has been out for a little while now and lots of people from around the globe have put their fingers to work to see what new creations they can make.

One new function brought to the internet world by HTML5 is the ability to drag and drop files onto an area. This is exceptionally useful as uploading via the browser using HTML is far more efficient and error friendly than using a third-party application like flash player.

There are also many other excellent tools such as file chunking, which is what our Desktop Application uses to allow users to resume failed uploads.

We cannot give an estimate at this moment in time on when we’ll have this released but we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on any progressions we have.

API Support with Mozilla’s Thunderbird:

API Implementation For Large File Senders in ThunderbirdMozilla have also recently announced they plan to support services such as ours in their Thunderbird application. This means if you use Thunderbird you can use it to send large files from within your email client without having to go to a third party website like ours. However, we would host the files for you and so the recipient would still have to come to us in order to download the file.

This again is another excellent feature offered by one of the browser market leaders in Mozilla, as it helps to overcome the frustrating stumbling block of file size limitations in most email clients. It also helps companies like us be much more accessible and user-friendly in the process.

Again, we cannot give an estimate of when this will be released but be sure to keep an eye on our blog with updates to this end.