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Due to the recent past festivities, the end of the week is here much sooner than normal. No complaints here though, of course! However, as we have hit the end of the working week I think it’s time for some News from MailBigFile.

1) Permanent Files Added to Business Accounts.
2) Updates to the Adobe Air Program.
3) An Issue with FTP on Business Has Been Fixed.

Permanent Files Added to Business Accounts:

Gold KeyA little while ago, we added a permanent file feature to the MailBigFile Pro Accounts. This allows you the user to host files on our servers indefinitely, with the minor exception of a download limit still being imposed on the file.

We’ve had some calls recently to add this to the Business Account. This was always the plan, however adding something new to an already existing feature is not something you want to rush. The last thing you want is to break an already functioning part of the site, especially one used by so many.

However, we have now successfully added the permanent file feature to Business Accounts. This will to start with only be available for new accounts, however we’ll look to roll this our across the board eventually. If you want it added to your account immediately let us know by mailing us at

Updates to the Adobe Air Program:

Utilizing the power of Adobe to bring forth media rich applicationsThe Adobe Air Desktop Application for all purposes appears to be a hit and why wouldn’t it be? A simpler way to send files with the added ability to resume files would be a winner in any large file senders book.

However, as good as the app is, it’s not perfect. We have had some requests for some changes and we have now started to implement these. The changes include:

  1. Email addresses from your address book are now ordered alphabetically. This seemed to be the main concern for people using the app.
  2. You can also search for email addresses in your address book.
  3. You can now double click an email address to move it across rather than having to drag and drop.
  4. When you upload a file, the short link will be present on the app so you don’t have to wait for the email.

These aren’t live just yet as they’re not all fully integrated onto the program however we plan to have these ready and live very soon.

An Issue with FTP on Business Has Been Fixed:

Finally this week, there was a previously unknown error with the FTP integration service whereby some files uploaded using this facility weren’t being copied over to the users FTP server.

This anomaly has however been fixed and for those of you who are using FTP integration, you shouldn’t see your files go missing from here on in.