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It’s rapidly approaching Christmas and it’s time for another top 5 of the week from MailBigFile.

1. New – HTML Emails for Business Accounts.
2. Coming Soon – New Blog Layout.
3. New Feature – Been Sent a File? Return the Compliment.
4. New Picture – MailBigFile Gets Festive.
5. Local News – Commodore Pub Lite Review.

New – HTML Emails for Business Accounts:

For a long time, since their inception actually, Business accounts had been equipped with plain text emails only. This was to prevent our logo and branding appearing on their emails.

However, we’ve now added a HTML functionality to the Business Accounts. These will be branded their companies logo and colours, the logo being the same logo that appears on their Send or Receive solution, dependent where the file was sent from. They look a little like this:

HTML Email TemplateWe’re not going to roll these out automatically as it may cause some grief for some of our Business Account customers. As such, should you like to have this enabled on your account, please email with your request.

Coming Soon – New Blog Layout:

One of our programmers has been working hard on a new layout the MailBigFile to give it a fresher, more contemporary look. With the advancements seen with HTML5 and CSS3, we decided to use these new advances to give the blog a make-over.

Expect to see these changes in the coming weeks and months. We’ll obviously announce it here when such changes have been made.

New Feature – Been Sent a File? Return the Compliment!

We’ve also added a little extra option on the download pages for files whereby you can return the favour when someone has sent you a file by sending one back.

On the download page, you should see an extra link with text similar to: Send a file back to [sender’s email address]. When you click this link you’ll be sent to the free service with the senders email address already entered into the recipient field. Neat!

New Picture – MailBigFile Gets Festive:

MailBigFile Christmas Logo.

Tis the season and we thought we’d match it by making a little alteration to the current logo, giving it a christmas hat. This will be displayed on all pages that are currently doning the MailBigFile logo.

Happy Holidays! To be politically correct.

Local News – Commodore Pub Lite Review:

As we mentioned in a previous MBF Top 5 post, the Commodore has recently been revamped with new staff, colours and interiors. Recently, we went out to the Commodore for a meal, to see what it was like. We’ll keep it brief:

I think we were in general agreement that the food was nice if nothing spectacular. That being said, we all ate all of our portions without leaving much of a bite save for the salads that some of us decided we didn’t want. Which reminds me, the salads didn’t really come with any dressing, which I always find disappointing.

The food there seemed to resolve around fish dishes, but there were other options on the menu such as a Lamb Shank, beef steak or a burger, if those are more your preference.

I think all in all, the visit was enjoyable and it would be recommended. The atmosphere is nice and, being recently opened, everything looks new and contemporary.