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It’s Friday and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the weekend. Before it begins though, here’s the weekly round-up of MailBigFile news:

1) Coming Soon: MailBigFile Desktop App!
2) Business Accounts: You can now request extra downloads on a file-by-file basis.
3) Emails now enroute via Amazon SES.
4) Coming Soon: Alt Tags To be created to allow easier access for screen readers.
5) Coming Soon: Permanent Files for Business Accounts.

MailBigFile Desktop App!

Desktop App ScreenshotIn the pipeline is a MailBigFile Desktop App so you can send your files from the comfort of your own desktop, without the need to even open a browser. How simple is that?

To start with, it will just support the free service. However, in the coming weeks and months, we aim to provide support for the Pro and Business Accounts. So stay tuned!

Business Accounts: You can now request extra downloads on a file-by-file basis.

Oliver Twist Wants MorePreviously we released the ability for Pro Account customers to increased downloads on certain files on a file by file basis. Business Accounts already have the ability to change the download limit for all files they upload, but not on a file by file basis.

Well, now they do. Should you wish to increase any particular file’s download limit, please contact me at

Emails now enroute via Amazon SES:

Amazon Web ServicesWe’ve also changed the way emails are sent from our servers. Previously, we would send these out from our own email server. However, being limited by what we have, these would have a smaller queue size and release speed than a more structured email server such as Amazon SES. Amazon is also a known, worldwide company, meaning that emails sent using this server are less likely to be targeted by spam.

Alt Tags To be created to allow easier access for screen readers:Screen Reader

Another improvement we’re looking to make soon is to create easy to navigate alt tabs for MailBigFile. This will not only help with general browsing of the site, but will also be vital for the visually impaired to navigate the website. This particular change came to us when a blind user kindly mailed in informing us that the current interface could do with some changes to this end.

Permanent Files for Business Accounts:

Gold KeyWe will also be looking to add permanent files for Business Accounts in the next few weeks. Currently, this is a feature the Pro Accounts have that was initially just for testing purposes. However, it looks like the service is working without a problem and, as such, we will look to roll this out across the board.

Permanent files for Business Account will be completely flexible. Everyone will start with a small amount, free of charge, which can be increased should the user require this.

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