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It’s been a warm Christmas and a very windy New Year but MailBigFile is back open for Business and although we won’t have much to report on this week, we’ll take you back to what you might have missed over Christmas; including some other tid-bits you may like to know about.

1. MailBigFile T-Shirts!
2. MailBigFile Back-End Improvements.
3. Deck The Halls With Money.
4. Have Yourself a Merry Politically-Correct Christmas!
5. Zeitgeist: The Flavour of the (Google) Times, 2011-12.

MailBigFile T-Shirts!

Love MailBigFile? Want to show your love to the world? So do we and now you can with a MailBigFile T-Shirt!

Alright, so perhaps you’re not quite that excited. We’re not quite sure precisely how we plan to distribute these lovely shirts of ours, but stay tuned on the MailBigFile blog for more information soon.

Moreover, the shirts are still in the planning stages, but you can click here for a sneak peak at what you could receive.

MailBigFile Back-End Improvements:

Not the most terribly exciting piece of MailBigFile news you’re ever likely to hear; but we’ve made a point of keeping you up-to-date with everything that we’re working on so we will continue to do so. However this week, we’ve been mostly working on back-end improvements to the general use of the site. This is largely tailored to general improvements to the running of the site we plan to make in the coming weeks and months.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted with any new developments as they happen here on the blog.

Also, over the holidays David Porter was still working hard to bring you top quality blog posts, as always. Of course, it was the holidays so you might not have seen them as they were released. So, we’re mentioning them again now, so those of you that missed them can read them.

1. Deck The Halls With Money.


As the Christmas shopping season comes to an end, it’s time to draw breath and prepare for:

  • New Year sales
  • Valentines’ Day sales
  • Easter sales
  • booking summer holidays
  • paying off the credit card bills.

It’s also the time for retailing to say how successful (or not) Christmas has been, given the austerity of these times. Early indications were that high street spending picked up as Christmas Eve approached and that John Lewis topped the high street league.

2. Have Yourself a Merry Politically-Correct Christmas!


While we enjoy the seasonal trimmings of our various family Christmases, whether they be politically incorrect or kosher for the ‘elf and safety brigade, spare a thought for the never-ending work of changing public behaviour/perceptions by mangling the language.

Most thoughts and writings go under the politically-correct microscope these days. Obviously to make racially, ability or gender offensive remarks is unacceptable. Indeed it can be classified as ‘hate crime’. It’s just that PC has gone way beyond that.

3. Zeitgeist: The Flavour of the (Google) Times, 2011-12.


As 2011 ground to its close, the media loved to publish lists of what was good, bad, traumatic, disastrous, best-selling, popular, embarrassing, comical, stupid about the previous twelve months. It’s a mainstay of media and journalism in late December, every year.

Not to be outdone, every end of year,Google publishes its own run-down of the most searched and trending words, sites, names on its search engine. Zeitgeist is a German word, originating in the 1880s and meaning ‘the spirit of the age’. It’s apt, as the snapshot of Google questions is a very revealing insight into contemporary society.