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It’s Friday and time to divulge into the recent MailBigFile news stories. Although news of late has been a little dry we do have some extra developments to bring to you this week. Also, did I mention it’s Friday?

1) MailBigFile’s Big Charity Day Brings Home A Big Charity Reward.
2) Want Business But Don’t Want The Cost? Try The New Business Lite Package.
3) Miscellaneous Changes To Business Accounts.

MailBigFile’s Big Charity Day Brings Home A Big Charity Reward.

The time has been and gone on MailBigFile’s Big Charity event we hosted back on the 27th April. Before I go any further I would just like to thank everyone for their support to the cause. Every penny donated to the EACH charity will go a long way to helping the families and children that they provide their services for.

Though, you’re probably reading this more in anticipation of how much we raised, rather than tto see me digress. Well, thanks to your support, on the day we managed to raise a fantastic £800 towards the charity in new accounts. This was taking into account all the new sign ups we made on the day whether they were Pro, Pro 24hr or any new Business sign-ups.

Once again thanks to everyone on the day that contributed! What’s more, you now have an account to use with us whilst at the same time donating to charity. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

Want Business But Don’t Want The Cost? Try The New Business Lite Package.

Recently, we’ve been offering our privileged Pro Accounts the chance to upgrade to a Full Business Account at a further discounted rate. Instead of paying the originally discounted price of £150 per annum, Pro customers had the chance to upgrade for the low cost of £75 per annum instead.

The initiative seemed to be a success and we had many takers, making us think that perhaps this price was more in the range of some of our customers. Some customers, perhaps, would want the ability to have their branding and colours displayed using our service without having to pay the price for a Full Business Account, which is considerably more expensive than the Pro.

Well, with this in mind we have created the new Business Lite package. It does, as the name suggests, come with less features than the Full Business Account however it does as a result also come a lowered price. Half the price, as a matter of fact.

You still get the core features, such as your branding on the page and a Receive and Send Solution. However, other features, such as users on the account and premium upgrades, will be limited or non-existant on the lite package.

You can read more on the Lite package here.

Miscellaneous Changes To Business Accounts.

We’ve also made some other miscellaneous changes to the Business Accounts as per the requests of some. They are as follows:

  1. Increased Recipients Per File: Now on the Business Account (Full accounts only), you can add up to 10 additional recipients to a file you’ve send using the “new” functionality found in the Upload History. This can also be increased further on request (charges may apply).
  2. Increased Message Box Size:: A recent customer asked if we could increase the size of the message boxes on the pages, as this makes it easier to write on when and if you need to write up a large piece of text. Although you can manually increase message box sizes on most new browsers, we understand it’s simpler, and nicer, to be able to have the message box bigger as you start to type. So, we have now done this, spread across all Business Accounts.