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With MailBigFile, it’s all about the ease of use and consistency. With our services, you pick the files you want, and then you send it. It’s that simple.

Just in case you hadn’t seen all the many advantages our services provide for you and your company, here’s a little recap.

With our FREE service, you can send files up to a whopping 200MB! Few other services can boast such a high limit for their free service, preventing you from sending it how you want at the time you need.

Alternatively, if you need an even larger limit, or even if you’d just like more functionality with the files you send, you should opt in to our PRO service. With an oversized 2GB limit, you should have no trouble sending any file you need. Best of all, there’s no limit for this service, allowing you to send as many files as you want.

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to seamlessly receive files from your clients or customers, you may want to have a quick peek at our BUSINESS package. Currently at 50% off for the year and with a host of bespoke options available at your fingertips,  you can’t really go wrong with this service.

Best of all, with both our Pro and Business Accounts, you get a fast response team easily reachable from many locations. Whether it be via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or through live chat, we’re always reachable.

We pride ourselves on not only our customer satisfaction but also our high quality service and up-time.

Want to send large files quickly and easily? You Just Send It using MailBigFile!