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So after a few months of our affiliates scheme launching we have now decided to make it even better. You now earn 25% from each referral that you bring to MailBigFile – that is a massive amount meaning you can earn up to £75 from just suggesting us to one person!

If you want to read a bit more about how it works click here, or email us on

If you have already signed up to become an affiliate your account would have been updated automatically.

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With the success of our last promotional offer, we thought we’d go that extra mile for those looking to start a new adventure with a Business Account with MailBigFile by extending the original offer… and then improving on it, by allowing those to get 50% off the yearly offer.

This means you now pay just £150 for a Business Account for the year and still just the £300 if you wanted to go for two years. That’s quite a nice saving.

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With our tracking system you are now able to track each file you send and, if you have a Business Account, receive. For example you can see who sent the file, who it was sent to, when it was downloaded and when it was deleted. This is great for keeping up to date with each of your files and making sure they are being downloaded.

To see this service in action please view the video below.

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15,000 Subscribers!

It is a momentous day today in the history of MailBigFile as today we reached 15,000 subscribers. MailBigFile, having been created 6 years ago by the Dessol team has been steadily attracting more and more customers by the day and has grown into a fully fledged file transfer website, fully recognised by our consumer base.

MailBigFile has been in operation since 2005 and is the brainchild of Dessol (formally Design Solution), who have been running since 1997. Dessol – mainly a web service company – have built up solid expertise in every aspect of website development, and have worked for a wide range of clients. A good majority of these clients have been through our service here at MailBigFile.

Upgrading to Pro:

Free customers have limited functionality with their accounts. Upgrading to a Pro account gives you so much more, including sending larger files, full customer support and full functionality with all files you upload.

Upgrading from free to Pro is easy. Simply go to and select your preferred payment option. From here, just enter in the relevant details, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail and you’re good to go.