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An internet map of Twitter responses, but web search reveals more

Everyone knows about search histories, but most will not realise that an internet map reveals far more than a list of sites called at. The journey across the web, the process, reveals our thinking in a different and psychological way.

Lohar Zahar described a journey of his own across the internet on Wired as ‘dorking around on the Internet. But it also reveals something important that would otherwise be invisible. It shows how I think.’ This is the internet map he describes.’

One recent one I did began with a story about Sicily and the mafia, which led to the wonder of how criminals had such strong family values, to the cost of everything and the price of nothing. Or was it the other way round? Then on to confused thoughts for comedic purposes.

So what difference does it make? Well, the journey, the internet map shows up the way my mind thinks.

Zahar explained: ‘We’ve all gotten very good at sharing things we find online. From Evernote to WeChat, our tools are great for saving or broadcasting our findings, but they don’t help us recall how we found them.’

He cited computing pioneer Vannevar Bush who thought those pathways were the most important part. His 1945 essay “As We May Think” in effect ‘essentially predicted the Internet.’

Zahar said that Bush ‘envisioned a desk-like device he called a memex that would display documents and pictures on a screen and let you create hyperlinks among them.’ Read more »

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A million pounds (seized from criminals) looks like this

How to Make a Million Pounds in 10 Years:
MBF gives you the low down on becoming a millionaire in just a decade

If you were on average UK salary of £26,000 a year, you’d have to work for hundreds of years to earn a million (after taxes and living costs).

If you follow one of the thousands of money making schemes around, you might make a lot. But it wouldn’t be a million in just 3650 days. You might lose a lot.

But if you combine elements of several schemes, you might do very nicely. You could of course try some scam or con (the modern equivalent of what used to be called ‘robbing a bank’) – but that is not advised.

So, here in no particular order are some ideas. Read more »

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Have you appointed some online executors to sort your digital legacy?


However young you are, you may need to think about an executor for your affairs and one or more online executors for your online business.

You may have made a will. You may have read recently that a court overturned a will that had cut a woman out of any inheritance from her family. She got the money and the deceased’s wishes were ignored.

But what about all your digital possessions? What will happen to them? You may not care, of course, but those you leave behind certainly will.

Well, Facebook has come up with the ability for users to nominate an ‘online executor’ in your settings following advice last year from the Law Society that people should leave clear instructions about what should happen to digital assets after death. Read more »

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The near-miss is far more serious than a fallen ice cream

Of all the daft things people say these days – from ‘going forward’, ‘at this moment in time’, to ‘perfect storm’ I think ‘near-miss’ takes the biscuit.

It describes an unplanned situation where somebody had a lucky escape, where an accident about to happen, didn’t, where people got away by the skin of their teeth. A near-miss is a close call, a close shave or too close for comfort.

It can apply to airplanes almost colliding with drones or each other; rocks crashing through windows; people almost being knocked off their bikes…. the Grim Reaper whistles past in touching distance, but on this occasion doesn’t stop and say hello.

The point is the crash, mishap, disaster, accident DIDN’T happen.


It was in fact, a near-hit, not a near miss! Read more »

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If the summer has finally arrived, you could do worse than spend an hour sitting in the sunshine listening to a TED talk.

No, not teddy bears but a fascinating repository of ideas worth spreading, innovative thinking from people sometimes called mavericks who share their expertise, experiences and new thinking with the world at large.

TED is from Technology, Entertainment and Design and is a non-profit making organisation devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short talks – usually 18 minutes or less and delivered without any notes at all – from global issues to science to personal life-learning experiences.

It has over 2000 talks available to ‘stir your curiosity’. You can search for specific topics from A for algorithm or ancient world to Z … well, there aren’t any Zs yet, but several hundred in between. Read more »