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PIC FROM Sarah DeRemer / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED:cross between a baboon and a sparrow - Birboon ) - New species have been created by an enterprising artist who has merged photos of animals together in this incredible series of pictures. Californian Sarah DeRemer, 25, started making hybrid animals as a way to improve her photoshop skills. SEE CATERS COPY23F7289000000578-2869796-_Mittens_area_mash_up_of_cute_kittens_and_monkeys_which_are_crea-a-38_1418294772143

What do you think of when someone says hybrid animals?

Things from the wild, from imagination or from the two? Well check out these hybrid animal photoshop images courtesy of 25-year old Sarah Lee DeRememer from California.

Even seen a monkey with face of a kitten and thought to call the resulting things ‘mittens’?

Sarah DeRememer has. A whole Frankenstein gallery of them. Read more »

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Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on the planet, gives away billions

I’ve never been as interested in the life, works and sayings of Bill Gates as those of Steve Jobs. If I thought about it, it was probably down to that period in the early 1990s when I became addicted to the Apple Mac over other kinds of personal computing.

But recently I’ve found myself discovering the billionaire Bill Gates and been impressed.

For a start he gives away billions. Through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for instance he has just given away $10 billion (£6 billion) to develop and distribute vaccines. It is the largest ever single donation made in the world.

The Microsoft founder is the richest man on the planet worth around $76 billion despite giving away money in huge billion dollar chunks totalling at least $26 billion.

That’s impressive by any measure. Read more »

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Crowdfunding Is Now So Mainstream, You Could Use It to Do Anything
An update on our previous crowdfunding blog

As crowdfunding becomes more mainstream and ever more people look to the crowd to raise money for projects, it’s timely to have a look at just what people are hoping others will support.

The banks are having to accept that crowdfunding is the way forward. Investors like the flexibility of this kind of investment and those who seek funding like having all sorts of people willing to pay into enterprises great and good, bad and mad.

From business ideas that ought to work to pipe-dreams that will never see the light of day, crowdfunders underpin all sorts of ventures, sometimes in return for shares or glory or a sense of adventure.

Recent bids include arts centres, renovating derelict areas of towns, a company wants to put on a musical. Bedminster wanted money to light up the town for Christmas. The Green Party in Swindon wanted funding for the last election. An events company in Cornwall made a crowdfunding bid to pay for the Foo Fighters to visit Cornwall.

It seems that nothing is too ridiculous, ambitious, off the wall but that it will raise a few quid if not the full asking amount.

So how do you join the party? Read more »

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Why stop at 9D television?


At the CHI Conference in South Korea in April 2015, scientists presented ideas and research that could lead to 9D television soon.

9D television? Yes, nine dimensional telly that transfers human emotion through technology and makes it visible.

Stimulating different areas of the human hand can, apparently, convey feelings of happiness, fear, sadness or excitement.

Short bursts of air round and on the thumb, index finger and palm promote feelings of excitement. Blowing on the little finger and outer palm triggers emotions of sadness.

Who? What? Read on. Read more »

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Bloggers can be at work anywhere, any time, any place

Estimates suggest there are more than 1.5 billion bloggers with more than that number of blogs on the global internet in 80 languages but 60% are in English.

Do they make any money? One report suggests that fewer than 10% can quit their day jobs to blog full time and 80% of them only ever make £100 plus.

Over half of bloggers are parents with children at home; most blogs are read between 7am and 10am and professional bloggers have four blogs on average which they update at least once daily.

Over 60% of companies have a blog of their own. Read more »