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Meccano has grown into The Meccanoid, a self-build robot for kid


Wow, Meccano has certainly brought itself up to date with the Meccanoid.

Meccano is the company that entertained generations of kids with metal strips, angles with holes and lots of nuts and bolts and wheels, axles and gears to make cars, cranes and trains.

It is the company that inspired Steve Jobs and excited him to the possibilities of what could be built. This is the company that has come up with a robot that kids can make themselves.

The Meccanoid has been known about for some time. Back in January there was quite a stir when the Meccanoid G15 KS self-build robotic kit was unveiled at London’s Toy Show.

It was styled ‘a walking, talking companion that is capable of responding to instructions and mirroring movements.’ It is about 4 feet tall (122 cms), is made from lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate and was reviewed as ‘ a cross between WALL-E and Johnny Five. Read more »

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At the dawn of the time, when man was young, the digital era was born …

The following tale has been circulating around the internet for some time about the birth of the digital era.

One comment I saw was from somebody who really thought it was a Biblically accurate description of the dawn of the world wide web …

Oh well.

Read on and see how plausible you think it might be … we thought it would be fun for a summer smile, especially if you haven’t got away (yet) for a time to get sane. Read more »

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Some apps just make you want to bang your head on a brick wall

A round-up of eleven favourite apps among the millions on offer. They still keep coming because people still keep inventing them.

People still keep downloading them either free or paying out for them. The world’s love affair (obsession) with apps appears to be undimmed. We seem to be ‘app, ‘app ‘appy with the little things. Read more »

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Facebook could host telepathy in years to come!


You may have missed the fuss, but Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has set the cat among the pigeons with his views on the future direction of social media and how we’ll be able to ‘send emotions to each other online….’

In an interview reported in the British media in early July, he argued that in the near future, ‘rather than posting Facebook statuses we will be able to share our thoughts and feelings with others telepathically.’

Mail Online’s Victoria Woollaston described it as ‘the dream of the site’s owner Mark Zuckerberg who described this form of sharing as the ‘ultimate communication technology.’’

She reported Zuckerberg’s thoughts made on his own Facebook profile as he hosted a public question and answer session.

The event produced over 50,000 comments including, we are led to believe from Richard Branson, Shakira, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prof Stephen Hawking! Read more »

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BBC Micro creators with birthday cake in 2012 – now a new way of teaching coding is needed


This autumn, digital literacy is going to be big on the agenda – particularly Britain’s skills shortage in coding.

It was getting on for 25 years ago that the BBC gave most schools in the UK a BBC Micro self-contained code to screen computer made by Acorn, described by Margaret Rhodes in Wired  as ‘a beige box that looked a lot like a typewriter and taught children how to code. Like the Commodore 64, the Micro ushered in a wave of computer literacy among kids who came of age in the 1980s.’

She claimed that since that coding teaching program ‘as people grew more accustomed to computers, they came to know less and less about how they work. People just stroke a screen, so now there is a shortage of talent for programming jobs.’ Read more »