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The idea that standalone computers – not connected to the web – and a web that is beyond, above and below our existing, known www is an appealing idea for those who are concerned about protecting data from prying eyes.

Where ultra-high security is needed, air-gapped systems are standalone computers, not connected to any other device which is itself connected to the web.

At Ben Gurion University in Israel, researchers have just come up with a way to retrieve data from air-gapped systems ‘using only heat emissions and a computer’s built-in thermal sensors.’

And those who thought if there was another internet fed by servers not connected to the one we know about, then we’ll be safe – criminals will not know about it – can now get into the Deep Web, but it will not be secret. Criminals and/or law enforcement will still know. Read more »

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Most teachers and many older people conclude that today’s youngsters have a shorter attention span than they did or than is desirable. Some suffer a now recognised condition, ‘attention deficit disorder.’

The arrival and wholesale adoption of the digital era has meant that more people are second screeners, hopping between devices, doing different things at once but always less deeply than they did a generation ago.

Some observers lament the fact that the proliferation in information technologies mean that we are building our world on short-termism so that we ignore the future. We are impatient because we are conditioned to get results instantly.

And we no longer acquire any knowledge, but only how to access knowledge.

Is that right and is it all bad? Read more »

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coolbrick2Design and 3D Printing Will Change Our World Beyond Recognition

The Cool Brick is not yet a household name, but that is set to change in the near future.

We have already begun to both be amazed and then accept as normal the profound changes that 3D printing is having on the world. Combine the process with intelligent design, and our landscape, the very fabric of our world is set to be transformed.

The Cool Brick is set to do several things simultaneously – harness age-old technology in a contemporary way, provide sustainability and affordability where people struggle and stimulate further development in new technologies. Read more »

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Despite all the hype about the Apple Watch fakes and spoofs and the doubts about the need for it, now comes news of a wristband which will change everything.

The Halifax bank is thought to be the first to test technology which will permit customers to to prove their identities through slim wristbands, or bracelets.

What makes this system stand out is that the wristband will contain a cardiac signature – every person’s cardiac rhythm is unique. Read more »

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The sharing economy represents the cake of tomorrow for our financial health

The announcement of the birth of Sharing Economy (SEUK), trade body to champion the sharing sector shows that ‘sharing economy’ is now mainstream in financial circles.

Companies such as Zipcar and AirBnb have not just disrupted, shaken up their industries, they have made the notion of online platforms where people can share resources, share actual things and properties, skills and personal time, a sound business model.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are included in this generic term, ‘sharing economy’ which will be represented by this voluntary member grouping which will ensure best practice and establish a code of conduct.

For the first time, the sharing economy should have a single, recognised voice speaking for it. The government is supporting it with the right kind of noises about big and small businesses, consumer choice and ‘advancing the frontier of online business.’ Read more »