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The way our insatiable net demand grows may soon mean that feeding it will consume all of the UK’s power supply in just 20 years from now!

That’s what the view is. By 2035, we will use all of our energy just feeding the internet.

Through data storage and transmission and the electricity to power all our devices, we will use the totality of our capacity up; our net demand will have swallowed the whole thing.

Already the internet apparently consumes between 8% and 16% of the nation’s power output and that is doubling every four years. This is equivalent to the output from three nuclear power stations!

When things increase at that rate, it adds an extra knock-on effect and the doubling actually speeds up – exponential growth. And we can’t forget our other increasing demands for energy for heating, lighting, building, travel, food production …. Read more »

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Would you pay good money for intangibles?

Intangibles? Yes, things that are not really visible. Voicemails, snapchats, ringtones and avatars? Probably not.

But some people are paying. They are part of a revolution in retailing that could just take off.

Wired reporter Liz Stinson paid $10 for what was promised as ‘a great voicemail’ in order to explain this latest idea/gimmick.

Why part with cash for what is designed to ‘ignored or deleted?’ Well, that voicemail was sold as art. Read more »

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At last I am not the only person in Britain who is sick and tied of the selfie – not alone in being fed up to the back teeth with a plague-like obsession with self-taken images that instantly clog up social media.

Sick to death with the selfish and self-indulgent hobby of taking and imposing squashed photos. Faces, friends, so-called celebs, deliberately, accidentally (The Queen!), bunch of drunks … so many variations of the same boring nonsense.

I mean the sort of photo taken with an arm or stick raised high or even a picture taken in a mirror.

NOW the National Gallery in London has banned them. Along with the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Palace of Versailles in France. The red carpet for increasing numbers of celeb awards is now no longer the place for the habit – banned by new rules.

Er, correction, these places have banned the selfie-stick, or ‘narcistick’ as the ridiculous device has been rightly labelled. The taking of actual selfies is still allowed especially if done covertly, but hopefully will be banned outright and forever as sensible people try to return to some sort of age of reason.

Only those who think far too much of themselves go to all the endless trouble to take selfies and the long arm sticks are the ultimate edge of lunacy with the whole business. Read more »

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When your face is your password - is it enough to beat any hacker?


Just when you have got used to protecting your pin in garages and supermarket checkouts from hacker snooping, (that is if you don’t yet use a PIN free system) along comes a new danger.

It’s like lip-reading but it’s finger press guessing.

According to Rick Newman, a writer who enjoys the goal to ‘distill meaning from a torrent of information and help people differentiate news that matters from news that doesn’t matter, fake news and not-news,’ hackers can guess PINs by ‘analysing video of people tapping on their smartphone screens — even when the screen itself isn’t visible.’

Impossible? well, people are always checking their smartphones, aren’t they? If they tap in a PIN to unlock it, it could be watched and used by any diligent hacker. Read more »

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You are regarded as one of the Millennials if you were born between about 1982 and the early years of this century. It is not a precise science, though.

According to The Millennial Legacy if you were born before 1982ish you may consider yourself Generation Y which was very different from the bad behavioural traits of Generation X.

The Legacy says that Generation Y are coming of age in a time of ‘extreme economic uncertainty and societal change’ which is true.

On behaviour, ‘all youth risk behaviours have decreased over the last fifteen years, including drug use, teen pregnancy, and youth violence. Furthermore, we are very close to our families, especially our parents. Family is very important to Millennials, so much so in fact that a 2010 Pew Research Center survey found that the number one goal of the majority of Millennials is “to be a good parent.” But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Every twenty years or so, a new generation with certain features comes of age. Read more »