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Your choice of fonts reveal much about your personality


Apparently it’s not just what smart technology you possess that says a lot about you, but also what fonts you choose to use that tell the world who you are.

According to BBC Entertainment and Arts News with over 200,000 fonts to chose from, our preferred choice is crucial in revealing personality traits.

While it may not yet be an acknowledged psychological tool, fonts are nonetheless important, even how you sign an email off. Read more »

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As Dubai is pressing ahead with its Museum of the Future due to open in 2017, surely we have to ask the question – how can you have a museum to the future? Once something is in it, doesn’t it become a museum of the past, as most are?

Museum means an institution that maintains, conserves, preserves artifacts of cultural, scientific, artistic or historical significance. The future, however well guessed, is as yet unknown. So, a museum of the future??

Anyway, perhaps I’m being picky. The fact is that the $136m Museum of the Future will host innovation labs focussing on health, education, smart cities, energy and transport.

All very important, significant and of concern in our world now and will be as our futures unfold. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UEA announced at the launch of the plans, ‘it will be an incubator for ideas and real designs, a driver for innovation and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs.’ Read more »

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No workplace is perfect, but some are better than others
Are you working with a worker-friendly workplace? With all the concern about health and safety and lifestyles in relation to work, this is a timely question to ask.

Offices are well known as hubs of intrigue, mistrust, lies, plotting and romances. There are even apps you can get to bring some poison into the workplace – Two New Apps Bring Anonymous Hurt, Invective, Slurs and Toxicity to the Workplace (12 May 2014).

In a few years offices and the whole nature of workplace settings may be things of the past, like many of the jobs and habits of today The Future of Work In 5 Years Is Both Good News and Bad (18 March 2014). but in the meantime, a few workplace questions to consider about your own situation. Read more »

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Web browser ad-ons can make life easier


Browser add-ons? Don’t need them?

If you’re one of those people who do not stick with what you’ve got when you’ve found your perfect browser, but always want more browser add-ons … here are 11 of them, selected by Nicholas Tufnell for The Guardian.

In fact he suggested 21 of those incredibly simple yet essential additions that can make life online so much easier. Less hassle. So read on. Read more »

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Saving money through social media is as good as a payrise

Social media is no longer just for keeping in touch with friends, sharing stuff and accumulating lots of followers and friends.

It is not even a way of making money for some. In our blog Is Social Media Marketing Your Key to Some Extra Income? (21 October 2014) we looked at some ways of monetising what goes onto the web via social media.

This form of communication has also long been a source of collective advice and learned wisdom which is available free as people post their experiences and tips.

But it’s possible to save money through social media. Just try these simple steps. You can get helpful vouchers and offers galore, but you can go beyond that. Read more »