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Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services:

Earlier today Amazon’s Web Services took a minor hit which unfortunately was in the areas that MailBigFile use for our services.

As a consequence, the MailBigFile service took a hit and some of you may have noticed some difficulty in downloading or uploading files to our server as a result. The aforementioned issue seemed to cause downloads or uploads to time-out (largely due to a connection to Amazon’s services being lost).

However it appears as though Amazon’s servers and the AWS have recovered from this earlier technical glitch and are back up and running. You should be able to continue using the service with the same reliance as before.

Software Update Failure:

Additionally, there was a software update failure for the service itself which caused a system-wide failure in the early hours of the morning for the MailBigFile service itself. Unfortunately, as this happened during the morning hours, we were unable to respond until we came back into work several hours afterwords.

That being said, the update failure issue has now been resolved and as you should be able to see, the service is back up and running. We apologise however for any inconvenience caused by the outage and will look to prevent this from happening again.