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The Mountain Game Is About Everything and Nothing

Imagine your own basic mountain

Imagine your own basic mountain

It’s causing a bit of a stir in a world where new, obscure, obtuse, surreal or weird games are two a penny. This is Mountain. You can download the game Mountain for just $1, for PC, Linux, Mac and iOS

Its features include:

  • no controls
  • automatic save
  • time moves forward
  • things grow and things die
  • nature expresses itself
  • once generated, you cannot be regenerated

It was created by David O’Reilly, a 3D animation artist, so comes with a deal of credibility. Read more…

Smart Meters Are Soon Going to Be Unavoidable, So Get Used to Them

We must all learn to love smart meters even if we were indifferent about our old meters!

We must all learn to love smart meters even if we were indifferent about our old meters!

Soon we may well be inundated with ads and other pressures to grow to love the new Government scheme to put ‘smart meters’ into every British home by 2020. Yes, every home.

This is on a scale bigger than the compulsory conversion of every gas appliance in Britain to North Sea natural gas between 1967 – 77 at a cost of about £100m and writing off redundant coal gas plants while 13,000,000 domestic appliances, 400,00 commercial and 60,000 industrial systems were changed.

However, smart meters are being dubbed ‘potentially dangerous’. And expensive and already outdated, according to many critics. But hey, it’s part of the EU green targets so who are we to grumble? Although it has to be said that Holland and 4 other countries are dropping the idea.

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People Get Creative With Their Parking Solutions As the Problem Gets Worse

Where MBF Blogs is situated is near Lowestoft. The town has been styled by some as the place where can be seen some of the worst parking in Britain.

Top Gear’s presented Jeremy Clarkson has been invited to visit as he got very hot under the collar recently about parking.

Jeremy Clarkson is not everybody’s favourite TV presenter, writer or driver. But sometimes he comes up with something that strikes a chord.

worst-parking-photo (1)

worst-parking-photo (2)

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