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Calls that Facebook’s growth in recent times have slowed[1] may be somewhat unfounded, at least if the latest report form Comscore is anything to go by. According to their latest stats, Facebook now ranks as the third largest video site on the web, slightly trailing behind VEVO and way behind the conglomerate Google (Youtube et al). This is even with their scores only taking into account views from Facebook’s player, and not those referenced from third party sites (like embedding a youtube video into a post).

However, can Facebook maintain this growth over a more sustained period or is this just a flash in the pan? Erick Schonfeld from Techcrunch is confident that Facebook will end up overtaking VEVO to claim second place[2], and Facebook certainly has the means to stay in or around this spot. However, a closer look at the stats on Comscore suggest it may be difficult to maintain. Out of the top ten viewed sites for videos, Facebook had the lowest average minutes per viewer, suggesting a higher bounce rate for videos viewed.

Facebook also had claimed third place for it’s own a little while back in 2009[3] and even reached second in August 2010[4], however – as evidently shown by these new stats – subsequently lost this place until recently with it’s re-emergence. Facebook has however grown considerably in the last 2 years[5] (from 250 million active users in July 2009 to 750 million in July 2011) making it much better placed to continue it’s surge up the video league tables.

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