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Your Data With Google

Google has just seen a devilish week where it has deliberately attempted to force feed Google+ to the online masses. If the analysts are to be believed, Google has actually overstepped into the boundaries of the commercial enthusiasm in Kenya. But it’s evident that the efforts from Google, to make every single user safer online, have been on from a long time! Los Angeles Times has revealed something about Google – its spending tens of its millions of dollars on its brand new innovation BFF ads.

The new addition of Google ads are believed to be even more traditional than the TV spots that once encouraged the entire world to participate in Google+ with ease. But why are these addressed as traditional ads? Ever thought of it? Yes, probably because they are the print ads that once dominated the media like nothing else. This campaign was created in the UK and it’s a part of an initiative, better known as a campaign popularly called “The Good To Know”.

These Google ads purposely remind the people that they should make more clever passwords and not as easy and as predictable as a small word. Furthermore, they also encourage us to use two-step verification. Not only this, they also remind us that we need to log out from our browsers before we step out and plunge into some next big thing. And if this seems enough, then wait – there’s more coming up! They are also into offering some useful tips on how you should keep your children away from some of the most important Daddy’s websites.

Google’s director of privacy, the well known Alma Whitten has been quoted by the L.A. Times and that says – “Given who we are, we have a strong incentive to make the Internet a place that people feel safe to do interesting things.” This is for sure interesting, particularly when it comes from the big names out there! We can take this initiative as something literally muscular!

Analysts are suggesting that this campaign can be Google’s efforts to boost it up – politically. It may be an attempt to ensure that all mankind that’s levitating in the cyberspace should participate in Google’s social network. Critics believe that it’s surprising on the part of Google; a name that so hated traditional advertising is now luring the targeted audience with the activities it was never interested in.

This is weird for some but still a sample of intellectual marketing for the ones who see it as a good change. You should not be surprised if Google runs yet another advertising campaign and asks users to avoid Facebook, spreading awareness on how it is going to affect your mental health with an attractive and eye-catchy side-by-side demonstration.

Google resorts to ads and intends to make you feel safer online. However, if critics and analysts are to be believed, then Google has actually performed several experiments with ads earlier. Some were purposeful whereas a few Google innovations solely focused on its functionality. But this time, yet again, Google ads campaign is here to stay for a long time, at least in news!

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