9D Television: Crossing Borders of Science or Borders of Common Sense?

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Why stop at 9D television?   At the CHI Conference in South Korea in April 2015, scientists presented ideas and research that could lead to 9D television soon. 9D television? Yes, nine dimensional telly that transfers human emotion through technology and makes it visible. Stimulating different areas of the human hand can, apparently, convey feelings… Read more »

How the Digital Era Began: A Humorous Piece

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At the dawn of the time, when man was young, the digital era was born … The following tale has been circulating around the internet for some time about the birth of the digital era. One comment I saw was from somebody who really thought it was a Biblically accurate description of the dawn of… Read more »

A Few Good Apps to Brighten Up the Day

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Some apps just make you want to bang your head on a brick wall A round-up of eleven favourite apps among the millions on offer. They still keep coming because people still keep inventing them. People still keep downloading them either free or paying out for them. The world’s love affair (obsession) with apps appears… Read more »