Time to Express a View on Our Attention Span Decline: Good or Bad?

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Most teachers and many older people conclude that today’s youngsters have a shorter attention span than they did or than is desirable. Some suffer a now recognised condition, ‘attention deficit disorder.’ The arrival and wholesale adoption of the digital era has meant that more people are second screeners, hopping between devices, doing different things at… Read more »

Intangibles As Art Start New Retail Trend

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Would you pay good money for intangibles? Intangibles? Yes, things that are not really visible. Voicemails, snapchats, ringtones and avatars? Probably not. But some people are paying. They are part of a revolution in retailing that could just take off. Wired reporter Liz Stinson paid $10 for what was promised as ‘a great voicemail’ in… Read more »