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Online in ever greater numbers

Universal McCann International is a global research organisation conducting an ongoing study over several years into the impact of social media. Basically, if you are online, you are using social media, they say.

They measure consumer usage, attitudes and interests in adopting social media platforms. They seek to provide the facts and the numbers behind the hype.

They’ve found from questioning people that the role for advertisers has never had so much potential as consumers move to to more and more on-demand media like video clips and podcasts.

Wave 1 of their research was September 2006 in 15 countries with 7500 internet users; Wave 2 followed in June 2007 with 10,000 users in 21 countries and Wave 3 in March 2008, 17,000 users in 29 countries, and produced some of the following highlights about active internet users:

  • 72.8% read blogs/web logs
  • 82.9% watch video clips online
  • 45.8% leave a comment on a blog
  • 57.3% manage a profile on an existing social network
  • 34% post opinions about products and brands on their blog
  • 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs

Wave 4 from November 2008-March 2009, questioned 27,279 users in 38 countries and showed that social networks ‘are becoming the dominant platform for content creation and content sharing’.

Other highlights included:

  • internet usage on the move has now reached 20% of active users
  • widgets are installed by 34% of users
  • brands are having to learn how, where and why consumers are using many different platforms to engage with them
  • one in 13 of all humans alive is an active internet user
  • nearly two thirds of active users have now joined a social network site
  • Denmark, Malaysia, Norway are ahead of all 16-54 year olds category on social networks
  • 33% of social networkers have uploaded video to their profiles
  • 71% have visited a friend’s social network page
  • 58% are blog readers, 25% blog writers

So now we know: we are not alone!

Research from Universal McCann International, a global media agency.

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