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Nothing Is Too Strange to be Caught on the Web

The internet is awash with websites. Literally thousands are created every day. They range from the informative, dull/boring, quirky, sarcastic, righteous, campaigning to the downright weird.

To pass away a few idle minutes, type ‘weird’ into Google and you get over 400,000,000 results.

People admit (sometimes) to spending hours just surfing the net. Not always to any real purpose, nonetheless, it is a habit/hobby that is growing and is a by-product of the world wide web and the information revolution.

Send in the Clowns

I Hate Clowns is a personal rant from one Rodney Blackwell. He is not clownophobic (or coulrophobic) and does not fear them. He just doesn’t think they are ‘nice people’. They scare little kids, cause neuroses in some adults and ‘they have big floppy feet’. He offers his website as an email service for supporters.

It may all be deeply funny postmodern humour, or not. But the main thing driving his feeling, perhaps, is that he flogs original anti-clown T shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers and bags on his site.

Another site worth checking is Die Screaming With Sharp Things in Your Head, a collection of ‘impaled garden gnomes’. They have the catchy slogan: ‘If you see a Garden Gnome, pick it up and take it home. Make sure it’s really dead; stick something sharp into its head’.

They also have a mail order shop for related merchandise, of course.

Weird and Bizarre

StumbleUpon has a whole section devoted to weird/bizarre. Bizarre Magazine is there, masquerading as a recognisable mainstream glossy. However it’s crammed with weirdness, much of it supplied by readers. The December 2011 edition features a piece ‘looking at the films either cut or rejected outright by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and asking: ‘should we be allowed to watch what we choose?’

Offerings include: The Bunny Game, classification refused; The Human Centipede 2; Grotesque; Murder Set-Pieces; I Spit on Your Grave; Cannibal Holocaust and Serbian Film. is more of a compendium of very strange sites. On there you can buy mortuary videos, get testicle implants for neutered pets, have the ashes of a loved one made into a ‘diamond’ to wear, find a grave, play bizarre video games, see the most whacky elements of Michael Jackson or get yourself filmed jumping on hotel beds!

There is even a site devoted to the top 5 weird internet sites. Eggzone has ‘recipes for a computer chip cake’ or a list of top ten things you can say to a woman’. Thesmokinggun describes itself as for ‘the odd-minded individual that likes illicit information pertaining to others’. It has criminal records of the famous among other irresistible trivia.

There is a site for candy for the brain, original ideas, jokes and insults. Another one is about ‘rectal foreign bodies’, including a whisky bottle to a light bulb, while is for ‘diverse minds’, trivia and useless facts and a database of questions that ‘average people never think of asking’, like ‘why is Friday 13th unlucky?’

And finally, demonstrating how the internet is a medium that feeds off itself, there are many sites showing what is most popularly being searched for on the web. Trends Buzz shows top ten current searches on Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Alexa, Wikipedia, and Blogpulse, for instance. A quick scan at any given moment reveals that a top ten on one search engine is not replicated in any others, not even sometimes by a single word or phrase.

Isn’t that interestiing? Now for a search/browse of the word ‘interesting’. That throws up 1,280,000,000 results!


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