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2012: End of the World?

Every year there are prophecies and predictions of every kind. Some are sensible/possible, based on evidence, others are from the wilder shores of pure speculation. A few concern the end of the world.

2012 seems already to have brought a bumper crop. The movie 2012 set the scene back in 2009, but now we are apparently faced with 11 predictions (at least), most focussing on the winter equinox, 21st December 2012, and most dismissable as material for sci-fi and fantasy writers, and yet …

Doom and Gloom

The ancient Mayans with understanding of solar system cycles, predicted that from 1999 the world had 13 years to make changes in our conscious attitudes and move from the path of self-destruction. We are moving into a ‘Time of No-Time’ when our solar system will cross with the Galactic Equator, which happens every 26,000 years.

There are prophecies from the Hopi/Navajo peoples, the Aztecs and Incas foretelling maximum solar explosions which will scorch the earth and cause massive earthquakes. This was repeated by the ancient Greek seer, Sybil, a student of Pythagoras, who wrote of ‘doom and gloom’.

The final book of the Bible, Revelations are called on to show how the cataclysmic judgments by plague, earthquakes, hailstorms, fire, famine, meteors storm and lack of water are coming, along with the anti-Christ who will bring destruction.

Merlin and Yorkshire’s Old Mother Shipton from the 14th century are also credited with disaster prophecies along with France’s Nostradamus. Niburu, or Planet X orbits our sun every 3600 years, and is on its way, getting closer, and late this year will appear as two separate suns in our sky, triggering World War III.

Enter the Web Bot

That’s all well and depressing, but the really interesting bit is the web bot predictions! The Web Bot Project was developed in the late 1990s to make stock market predictions. It uses a system of internet crawling spiders to search for keywords, much like a search engine, targetting discussion groups, translation sites and places where a lot of text is posted.

When a keyword is found, or something lexically similar, the bot snapshots 2048 byte snips of text before and after it and sends it to a centre where it is filtered and given meaning. This is done by giving lowest common denominators to groups of words, so that patterns emerge.

It works on the idea of ‘web chatter’, that there is a ‘collective unconscious in society’ that reveals the future, because collectively, subconsciously, people know it. Where there is linguistic shift, there is a tool to forecast future events, known as ‘preconscious awareness’.

Linked to it, there is a ‘tipping point’, defined as: ‘when events from the future pass some mathematical point, where the general direction of many future events changes based on the events in the past that lead up to it’.

In a sense and in part it’s the same underlying principle as GCHQ and other government eavesdropping systems use, by listening to webs, texts and phone conversations in their millions to identify ‘chatter’ around keywords likely to be used by terrorists.

In June 2001 Web Bot found that a life altering event of such proportion that its impact would be felt across the globe would occur within 60-90 days. Then, the horrors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA occurred.

Rather chillingly, Web Bot has predicted worldwide calamity in 2012.

There are alternative views, naturally. Some believe the shifts in 2012 will herald an era of more enlightened human consciousness, so we should embrace the 2012 prophecies.

Either way, time will tell who is right.