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Early 2013 324With the new season for sports of all kinds now underway, we interviewed local Ironman triathlete, MBF-sponsored, Joe Skipper about how the sponsorship he gets enables him to carry on working.

Joe would often go out training with the ‘The Rock Estate Runners & Riders‘, an Oulton Broad/Lowestoft group of sporting adventurers and it was through that he connected with MBF boss, Steve Barber.

It was suggested that Joe needed a decent bike, but already had one, so Steve offered to step in as and when and help to meet the away costs incurred in training and events, particularly hotels and airfares.

This was in July 2012 and Joe is grateful for being the right person at the right time and in the right place for Steve to be willing to support a local sportsman fulfill his dream.

Other Sponsors?

Joe receives help from Cliff Bar (nutrition bars, drinks and gels); from Starley bikes for his road and time trial machines and a number of smaller ones, including clothing suppliers.

Joe concedes that without such business sponsorship it would be impossible for him to put in the hours, days he needs to in order to succeed in this demanding sport.

He now has pretty well most of the kit he requires, so his next urgent need is to build up enough sponsors and support to ensure a sustainable living. Obviously, he still has to eat, live and pay the rent.

In the meantime, his family are the real giants of support they have always been.

He is full of thanks for all who help and says so on his website, so that goodwill is spread, and the publicity works beneficially for all helping companies.

Future Ideas?

Well, most entrants in triathlete races pay anything between £50 up to £300 for the privilege of competing. There can be 2000 entrants in a major event. Could Joe have a future in the business of organising such events himself, we asked?

Who knows. The future is not clear, but Joe is alive to the fact that he has to find the means of living realistically, has to find the winning form (the prize money is part of the economics, too) and that his passion is not a sport that can be done by anybody into old age.

Now 25, Joe is thinking he could train one day to teach PE. He has his degree and would have much to offer youngsters, particularly with the self-discipline, work and commitment ethos so ingrained in him that would inspire youngsters.

Any potential sponsors reading? Joe would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, good luck for this summer and keep up the good work, Joe.

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