Traffic Lights: Solution or Problem?

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Today I read an article on the BBC News website by Martin Cassini of whom stated that traffic lights are or have become more of a hinderance to traffic safety rather than being a beacon of order and protection. An interesting article, no doubt. It certainly got me thinking about a potential problem we may… Read more »

Will Apple Make the Superbrands Look Like Small Beer?

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For many commentators, technology is the new religion of our times. And perhaps nowhere is the awesome power and majesty of technology better seen on display than in how it creates superbrands in the world economy. Some succeed, some fall by the wayside. But brands are what everything is about these days. They (the brands)… Read more »

BBC To Reboot Stagnating Homepage

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A few of hours ago the BBC announced the unveiling of their new look BBC website in beta form. The new page represents a dynamic paradigm shift for it’s users and how they interact with the site, providing what the BBC hopes to be a more varied focus on news articles on the home page.