How the Digital Era Began: A Humorous Piece

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At the dawn of the time, when man was young, the digital era was born … The following tale has been circulating around the internet for some time about the birth of the digital era. One comment I saw was from somebody who really thought it was a Biblically accurate description of the dawn of… Read more »

Lost in Translation – More Absurd Net Humour to Enjoy

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‘Lost in Translation’ That’s the title of Sofia Coppola’s wonderful Japanese-setting movie starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (2003). But more to the point it is the label of a set of images circulated by Bored Panda on the web. Some of them are not suitable for a family website, but are freely available around.

How On Earth Did That Happen?

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How On Earth Did That Happen? Finally this week, another from my collection of funny, ridiculous, head scratching images circulating around the web recently from the world of driving. Once again, they glorify the resilience, ingenuity and stupidity of some people. Thank goodness we’re not all like that when we are behind the wheel …