Online Password Protection: Keep It Simple

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Online password security needs updated advice Online password security and protection – what’s the latest advice? Every time there’s a breach (think Ashley Madison where 11 million encrypted passwords were decoded) there’re calls for password tightening, heightened security, more frequent changes and more complicated passwords. However, hackers can just keep churning until your password is… Read more »

End of the Password Unlocks Whole New Minefield of Security Traps

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Speculation is mounting that Apple are just about to be doing away with the need for passwords to operate devices. It is suggested that a new iPhone will be operated by pressing a finger against the handset. Google Android are experimenting with voice recognition, iris scanners and behavioural biometrics to achieve the same thing. The… Read more »

Some Up-coming Things to Watch Out For

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The dangers to watch out for with online dating, banking, shopping, chatting, befriending and even posting your employment details, are well documented. Yet people still fall for a wide range of scams, impersonations and illusions. People are tricked into giving access to their money to strangers, signing in to porn, stalkers or house burglars. People… Read more »