How to Handle the Millennials

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You are regarded as one of the Millennials if you were born between about 1982 and the early years of this century. It is not a precise science, though. According to The Millennial Legacy if you were born before 1982ish you may consider yourself Generation Y which was very different from the bad behavioural traits… Read more »

When Disruptive Technologies Are Not As Great As They’re Cracked Up to Be

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It’s widely accepted that disruptive technologies (Amazon of publishing; Netflix of television, Airbnb of hotels and Uber of taxis) are good things. They stir competition, kill off old industries, shake everyone about, reduce costs, increase customer convenience and make loads of money. But what about all the people who once worked in those now disrupted… Read more »

What’s Wrong With the 24/7 Culture?

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The Debate: What’s Wrong With the 24/7 Culture? Following news that the EU is pondering regulation against the 24/7 culture for employees, we discuss whether how you spend your time should be subject to restrictive legislation for your well being or whether you should decide.

Jobs 1: Fancy a Brain Processing Implant to Boost Job Prospects for 51-hour Working Weeks?

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  We’re looking at jobs this week. What was your reaction when (if) you heard the results of a survey by job search website that in the future 30 years from now, workers who chose to have technological implants will become our society’s biggest earners? Was it: How do you define biggest earners? What,… Read more »