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Apple: Always Tastily Surprising, Always Scrumptiously Successful

One quite interesting way of whiling away some time is to read the hot news from Apple. Why? Because they are almost the globe’s biggest company, driving all before them, much as Microsoft, Coca Cola and McDonalds have done in their days.

For example, USA Today (22 August 12) has claimed that small businesses looking to save money and time, are ‘running apps that turn the iPad into an all-purpose hub for telephony, communications, e-commerce and a gateway to the office PC or cloud.’

In July Apple announced that downloads of OS X Mountain Lion with over two hundred new features topped three million in four days. TechCrunch called it ‘the most polished and robust yet’ and wondered how Apple could further refine OS X from now on.

The Bottom Line

The financial figures continue to be the most impressive. The June 12 quarter saw 17 million iPads purchased, contributing to revenue of $35 billion and profit of nearly $9 billion.

Even at the micro level, Apple impress. The Electric Power Research Institute looked at how much energy an iPad uses in a year. The conclusion was that it costs just $1.36 to charge the device in a twelvemonth! As iPads replace television and computers for more activities, there should be a gain in national power consumption.

PC Magazine raved about the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display very highly, saying it ‘outperforms, outclasses and outlasts competing notebooks’. They described it as the high-end choice for media professionals, enthusiasts and Mac fans.

The iOS 6 has been previewed, which fits the continuously rising curve of Apple innovation and application. And at the same time, they identified an illustration of how iPad, Mac and iPod are used in a school near London to provide open-ended experiences to work on cross-curricula projects to illustrate the products’ versatility.

Beware the Maggot in the Fruit

That is all from the Apple upbeat, positive perspective. There are sites that watch Apple and point out alternative views. One, MacRumors went big on ‘newly-discovered Java 7 Security vulnerability poses risks to Macs.’ Apple-watching is truly an absorbing interest for millions of people.

Life Imitates Art

But perhaps the most intriguing current story is the one not yet announced. It concerns the likely outcome on negotiations for the £30,000 women’s fiction prize.

Founded in 1996, the award celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing from throughout the world. It has been sponsored by Orange since the launch.

However, they pulled out in May this year now they are part of Everything Everywhere and now negotiations are ongoing for a replacement backer. People joked that either Blackberry or Apple could be favourites to keep it in the fruits, so they could ‘compare Oranges and Apples’.

Now it has emerged that Apple are indeed interested, which is not normal practice for them. They prefer to pump up interest in products by other means. Apple have sponsored little, other than iTunes associating with an ITV2 show and a festival.

Whether it is a simple Apple product naming or more sophisticated marketing, the real gain for Apple would be to persuade people to read ebooks on the iPad in direct competition with Amazon and its Kindle.

So, Apple continue to be surprising on every front. And staggeringly successful. Keep watching them.


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Image: Apple Inc.