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In this guest article, Ruben Corbo from Broadband Expert investigates ways to find yourself a cheaper internet deal in these tight economic times.

Data Connection Costs GloballyIn this day and age, anyone without internet access is quickly being left behind. From computers to smart phones, it is important to have internet connectivity in today’s society. However, it can sometimes be very expensive and many people are beginning to look outside of the traditional providers for cheap internet service.

Without a connection to the web, it can be incredibly difficult to function efficiently in today’s society. The internet is everywhere you go and society has enveloped itself with wireless technology. Email, instant messaging, social media, networking, file sharing, news, and research are all being done online. More and more people are also taking their work home or simply working from home. All of these factors are creating a growing need for more internet data to be used at home and this can get expensive.

Usually as technology progresses, that very same technology becomes cheaper. In regards to the internet however, it seems to only get more expensive. Internet service providers (ISPs) are constantly introducing new technology which creates faster internet speeds ranging from WiFi to 4G broadband. The number of different ways to obtain internet though is growing rapidly and prices aren’t being given enough time to catch up. To complicate the situation even more, there is still high unemployment levels across the world coupled with economic and political strain. With low incomes and consistently high prices for internet service, it has become increasingly more important to find good deals.


Although many ISPs are raking in huge profits from their expensive data plans, you can still find cheap internet deals if you look hard enough. One such possibility in the near future is a company called FreedomPop. This is a company that was recently founded by the same person that started Skype. Their plan is to provide a mix of completely free and cheap internet connectivity across a variety of plans and products. Not all of their plans are known as of yet, but they have released three service options so far.

  1. A onetime flat fee for an iPhone case that will act as a Wi-Fi hotspot and data service provider.
  2. A USB connection for tablet pc’s or laptops.
  3. The use of traditional hot spot devices.

In regards to the iPhone case, FreedomPop’s Vice President of Marketing Tony Miller was quoted as saying “This device enables users to get free data on their iPhone and circumvent the oligopolistic mobile services providers.” These advances will hopefully create more competition in the ISP market and heighten customer service while driving prices downward.


Another option for cheap prices that has recently been released is a new plan by NetZero. They have launched a super cheap service that is distributed through the Clearwire 4G platform. The one caveat to this route is that it is only cheap at the low data usage levels. Once you’ve used more than 4GB, then it becomes more fiscally viable to stick with traditional ISPs such as AT&T or Sprint. However, on the low end, it can save you a lot of money. Their plan starts at $0, that’s right, FREE for the first 200MB of usage. The next options are as follows; $9.95 for 500MB, $19.95 for 1,000MB, $34.95 for 2,000MB, and finally $49.95 for 4GB (4,000MB) of data.

In summary, whether you use internet for work or just sparingly for leisure, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to it. With the current state of the global economy, cheap internet service is becoming a necessity for millions. If it is through the services mentioned above or another avenue, hopefully there will be a move to drive the price of internet data plans down.

This guest article was written by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find cheap internet service in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.