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Amazon have recently unveiled their new product the Amazon Kindle Fire at their Amazon Event in New York yesterday, alongside other new Kindle products ready to be unleashed to the masses this winter. Currently however, the products have only been confirmed for the US; but let us hope this changes in time for Christmas.

The Amazon Kindle Fire sees Amazon take a plunge into the murky Tablet water of which Apple have already proclaimed their dominance. Although Amazon have routinely declared that their new product is not a competitor to Apple’s iPad, it will inevitably be compared to the electronic giant’s aforementioned product as every single new tablet ever made is. Indeed, it already has[1][2][3].

The new Kindle Fire sees Amazon mix the already successful formula for a small, portable tablet with a comfortable reading screen with the media intense design of modern tablets. As such, the Kindle Fire boasts an dual-core processor which it showed off at a recent TechCrunch meeting at the Amazon Event[4].

The Kindle Fire however does not come with as much functionality as say, the iPad or the majority of other tablets currently available[5]. However, what it does have is a price which is only available to other tablets when they go on a fire sale[6]. Not only this, but because the Kindle Fire now comes with the Android OS, it now contains the Android Marketplace, opening up the Kindle product to an already flourishing market.

True, the Android marketplace isn’t thriving or as jam-packed as the AppStore, however it will add a greater line of functionality to a device which does need such compatibility to keep up with the ever advancing tablet wave. Indeed, as a user of the Kindle 3, when I was a subscriber to the Daily Telegraph, many comments I saw related to this product mentioned how it simply didn’t compare to the iPad’s version of the same product due to the lack of colour, pictures and interactivity. Well, Amazon have now nipped this in the bud.

However, with Amazon making a reported $50 loss on each Kindle Fire sold, it will be heavily reliant on the sales of it’s books from it’s own AppStore (note: not Apple’s store) to turn a profit.

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